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Artifact 6

ePortfolio Guidelines for Artifacts: You must include 5-6 artifacts, all assignments from the ODU MLIS program. Each artifact must have the following: title, description, and the artifact itself. Two of your artifacts, those you feel are most exemplary of your work, must also include a video walkthrough of the artifact.

In the description, you must:

  • Be brief (no more than 100 words) and objective and be designed for someone that may be unfamiliar with the assignment and will be seeing it for the first time.

  • Within presentation of the artifacts themselves, you must:

  • Provide each artifact in its entirety. This may include multiple items. These should not have been altered since submission as coursework, with the exception of necessary minor adjustments.

  • After presenting the artifact, list the corresponding student learning outcomes (SLOs) met by this artifact. These will correspond to the matrix on the "Portfolio" cover page. You do need to provide commentary for this list. Listing the SLOs is sufficient.

  • For each artifact, either embed the artifact or provide links to the artifact's separate pieces. Hyperlinks should be easy to see and find.

  • Replace "Artifact #" with the title of each artifact on the page, in the menu bar, and elsewhere.

Within the walkthroughs, you must:

  • Showcase the artifact, its application, and what you learned in the process of creating the artifact.

  • Embed or clearly link the walkthroughs on the artifact page

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